01- Gai Satay

Classic Thai skewered chicken marinated in coconut milk, curry powder and turmeric, served with a sweet peanut sauce.

02- Poh Pia

Oriental Garden style spring rolls, stuffed with vegetables and vermicelli, served with sweet and sour sauce.

03-Khung Sabai

Crispy prawns cooked with pickles, turnip, peanuts and wrapped in a crispy dough, the perfect sweet salty taste with the smell of peanuts, it is a traditional royal recipe.

04- Khung Siam

Prawn tails coated with wheat flour, grated coconut, sesame seeds and red curry.

Served with sweet and sour sauce.

05- Yuang Tong

Yuang Tong Thai Money Pouches, a traditional Thai spring roll, is the perfect blend of Sado duck and vegetables, wrapped in small crispy wheat pancakes.

Served with sweet and sour sauce.

06- Gyo Tood

Crispy stuffed with spicy chicken and mozzarella cheese, wrapped in wheat pasta.

Served with sweet and sour sauce.

07- Gib Thai

Preparation of chicken wrapped in steamed wheat paste and topped with Kiew Wan sauce.

08- Toodman Khaomao

Fried fish balls seasoned with lemongrass and green rice.

Served with a refreshing sauce.

09-Panaeng Kari Pub

Vegetable dumplings, chicken with Panaeng curry and herbs.

10- Perlas Thai

Grilled scallop meat with black pepper sauce, served in the shell.

11-Mixted Thai

Mixed aperitif, minimum two persons, price per person.

-Gai Satay (2 foot)

-Pho Pia

-Yuang Tong

-Khung Siam

-Gib Thai

12-Yam Woon Sen

Refreshing salad of vermicelli, prawns, minced chicken, red onion, celery, lime and Thai seasoning.

13- Yam Nue Yang

Grilled beef salad with our special lemon juice, garlic and chilli dressing, served with baked aubergine and toasted rice.

14- Yam Salmon Mamuang

Grilled salmon salad with mango salad and Thai spices.

15- Yam Makua Pu

Fried aubergine salad with crab meat, caviar, cayenne powder, mint and lime sauce.

16- Yam Talay Ruam

Seafood salad with celery, cherry tomatoes, onion, lime juice and Thai spices.

17- Laab Gai

Traditional Isan from northeastern Thailand, minced chicken salad with mint, shallot, kaffir lime leaves, toasted rice and lime juice.

18- Somtam Thai

Green papaya salad with lime juice, prawns, roasted peanuts, carrots, green beans and cherry tomatoes.

19- Seagwa Hoy Shell

Grilled scallop meat with citronella, shallot, fried onion and chilli paste sauce.