Fish - Seafood

53- Pla Yomg Himaraya

Grilled sea bass fillets with Thai herbs and Himalayan salt.

54- Pla Samrod

Battered sea bass fillets sautéed with sweet and sour sauce and fried basil.

55- Pla Priew Wan

Battered and sautéed sea bass fillets with spicy sauce and fried basil.

56- Pla chu-chí

Sea bass fillets coated in red curry and seasoned with Thai herbs.

57- Chu-Chí Khung Yang

Grilled king prawns with red curry sauce, kaffir lime and basil.

58- Plan Nung Manaow

Steamed sea bass fillets with lime, garlic and spicy sauce.

59- Gaen Kiew Wan Khung

Prawn tails in green curry, coconut milk, vegetables and basil.

60- Homok Talay

Classic and elaborate preparation of seafood in a mild and creamy red curry with aromatic herbs. Served in a banana leaf.